Project No.1

“The Dr. Agorvor Children’s Fund Project was completed 06-21-22. We would like to thank our donors in assisting us in raising $3,224.00. A check has been sent from the foundation to Mrs. Karina Agorvor in the amount of $1,224.00. An amount of $2,000 was refunded to one of the donors. We are very grateful that on the 28th of June a memorial stone will be placed in the memory of Dr. David Agorvor at Memorial Hospital Miramar”

Dr. Agorvor Children’s Fund; our goal is to raise $100,000 in the next 2 years to help educate his three children.

My dear friend, colleague, business partner, a dedicated & committed OB/GYN, husband, father passed away on 11/30/21. He will be terribly missed for his very pleasing personality that touched so many lives. We love and we miss you Dr. David Agorvor. You are irreplaceable.

David and I first met in 2011 when he worked for another OB/GYN office. He was seeing patients part-time, twice weekly, at our center Medical Center-Women & Teens Healthcare Center. My office manager, Laura Arroyo, and I liked him for his skills and wonderful bedside manner in dealing with our patients, so we offered him the opportunity to come work with us at WAT and become our partner. He officially became part owner last year and we were grooming him

I would like to share my experience working with him in our medical center:

We were like family. It was customary for us to greet each other with a hug every time he came to the office and to celebrate birthdays and dinners together.

As a matter of fact, my wife, Anne Marie, and I each shared our last big hug with him on the day we celebrated our office manager, Laura’s birthday with all of our staff in our medical office.  We did not know at that time that he would become sick a day later and that be hospitalized and later pass away in the ICU in a few days. 

As always, David sang a beautiful birthday song for her. Indeed we lost a family member and our patients felt the same judging by the recent outpouring of love and support given to him in passing. We shared the same emotional response to his passing which was an initial state of shock, disbelief, bewilderment, upset, and sadness. Our staff is still dealing with grief.

Lessons learned from my dear friend and colleague, David: Out of every tragedy, out of every pain, it only gets healed when we find a deeper meaning when we find there is a higher purpose in it. His life to serve reminds us that “we are NOT on this earth for a long time BUT for a HAPPY time “ and to live life fully DAILY with an “attitude of gratitude.” David chose to daily live his life on the path of love & gratitude. This I know, because we texted each other at least weekly to remind each other to stay on this path.


I believe that the greatest part of his legacy or how he will be remembered is how he touched the lives of others in a positive manner. He was truly a giver of his three resources: TIME, ENERGY & MONEY. He was always willing to share and give them away. He leaves a beautiful family-his wife, Karina, and sons.

Women & Teens Healthcare and the Braithwaite Foundation, non-profit 501-C-3, intends is to keep his legacy alive by the establishment of the Agorvor’s Children Fund, with a goal to reach $100,000 to help with the education expenses for his children ALL UNDER THE AGE OF 12. You can make a donation:

Project No.2

Little Free Libraries

The Braithwaite Foundation is committed to helping plant more Little Free Libraries in areas where children need access to books. The premise of Little Free Libraries is ‘Take a Book, Leave a Book’, and was launched in 2009 by the late Todd Bol, of Hudson, Wisconsin. By the end of 2011, there were 400 LFLs around the United States. By August 2012, the idea spread beyond the United States, with a total of 2,510 libraries worldwide and growing. The Braithwaite Foundation will identify current locations of LFLs and work to promote and expand to areas where LFLs are needed.

Donations made to The Braithwaite Foundation will help fund the approximate cost of each Little Free Library set up. The cost is approximately $1,200 per site which includes the weather resistant outdoor Little Free Library shed or indoor shelf, Official Charter Sign, shipping, the purchasing of new and gently used books, community launch events, and follow-up visits for reporting and training.

Easy access to books makes a significant difference in the lives of children. Research shows that children growing up in homes without books are on average three years behind academically when compared to children in homes with books. Sixty-one percent of low-income families do not have age-appropriate books in the home. The Braithwaite Foundation wants to be a part of changing this story.

Project No.3

Disease prevention and early intervention for young people in North Miami Beach, Florida. Our goal is to raise $250,000 in 2022.

Project No.4

Educational scholarships for qualifying students. Our goal is to give out $150,000 in scholarships each year starting in 2022. 

Project No.5

To rent, equip, and staff office space in North Miami Beach, proximal to the Medical Center, for the Braithwaite Foundation to serve the community. Our goal is to raise $75,000 in the next 3 months to accomplish this. 

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